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Sheedy’s stud, GWS and BC   Leave a comment

Sheedy’s stud

Who do I barrack for today Kevin

AT first glance you might think that having a horse – even if it is Black Caviar – five spots ahead of you in The Australian’s Top 50 list of the most influential people in sport might be something of a slap in the face for AFL coach-spruiker-personality Kevin Sheedy.

Unless you know a bit of the back story …
Enter sports commentator Warwick Hadfield who worked with Sheeds on the his book Stand Your Ground: Life & Football.

The most influential people in Sport“Black Caviar’s sire is Bel Esprit in which Kevin famously scored a last-minute share. The horse won the Blue Diamond and some other good races and Kevin more than got his money back there.

“I think he put up about $2000, maybe a bit more.

“Bel Esprit then went to stud and the original syndicate kept a share in the horse.

“When equine influenza came to Victoria, Bel Esprit was about the only sire around in the state and thus set an Australian record for most coverings in a year, 264. They were waking the poor bugger up every couple of hours.

Maybe you Kevin

“So Kevin made a few more bob there in addition to the prizemoney. And of course the more races Black Caviar wins, the more mares that are being lined up for Bel Esprit. So more kerchink for Kevin.

“So he wouldn’t be at all miffed to be following Black Caviar’s bum on your list.”

In fact Sheedy is so happy with the situation last time he visited Bel Esprit he took a little video on his phone just to carry around and show the odd punter.


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Bel Esprit syndicater Michael Duffy is now new ARB Chairman   Leave a comment

Michael Duffy New ARB Chairman

Written by AAPTuesday, 01 May 2012 16:00

Former attorney general Michael Duffy has been appointed chairman of the Australian Racing Board.

Duffy, who is the chairman of Racing Victoria, fills the ARB position left vacant by the resignation of Bob Bentley.

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Bel Esprit Winners Club’s luckiest owners   Leave a comment

Black Caviar ladies look forward to Ascot

  • by:Confidential reporters 
  • From:Herald Sun 
  • March 08, 2012 12:00AM
Jannene Madden

Black Caviar owners (From left) Lena Attabo, Jill Taylor, Pam Hawkes, Kerrin Wilkie and Jannene Madden. Picture: Ellen SmithHerald Sun

RACING’S most beautiful mare, Black Caviar, couldn’t make it to Flemington, but her female co-owners were trackside yesterday.

While they couldn’t divulge where the super mare would next race, leaving it in trainer Peter Moody’s hands, the proud ladies said they were looking forward to seeing her race at England’s Royal Ascot in June.

“Peter has final say and we will know after the long weekend,” part co-owner Pam Hawkes said.


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Bel Esprit at home on Eliza Park   Leave a comment

At home with Victoria’s star stallion, Bel Esprit

With all the hipe around his daughter Black Caviar and son Bel Sprinter, I thoughh t it would be nice to visit Bel Esprit, admire his strength and tell him how all the progeny were going.

The interested ones in the pictures are Tadhg Jones, his father Brendan, his grandfather Brian and the guy who has looked after Bel Esprit for the last three seasons, Dauw

He weighs in at 665kg and looks relaxed, marvellous in the coat and he asked about that trainer Peter Moody and is it possible he could go overseas for a short stint and meet some nice European girls

I told him to forget the Moody thing (talking through my pocket) as he is about to claim the lead again as Victoria’s top stallion  Click the photos to enlarge

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Michael Duffy on Bel Esprit: ABC National Radio   Leave a comment


Friday 17 February 2012 6:23AM (view full episode)

He’s the star of the racing world. The winning streak of Black Caviar has spanned 34 months over 18 races.

Now, a group in Melbourne have formed a syndicate to buy her sire, Bel Esprit, for just $1,500 a share.


Michael Duffy
Former federal ALP minister and currently the chairman of the board of directors for Racing Victoria

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Jason Warren 14/10/11   Leave a comment


Applying the polish to Bel Esprit flyer, Bel Sprinter, Jason Warren is one of Victoria’s most promising trainers … and guess where he got his start?

Jason Warren has been around horses most of his life.

Involved with the ‘showies’ since he was a tacker, Jason landed a job with Eliza Park “in the early days” riding work and breaking in horses for the stud’s fledgling racing division.

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BC Colin and Jannene Madden 17/05/11   Leave a comment

Black Caviar’s owners a rarity

Dominic Feain | 17th May 2011

OWNERS of the world's top racehorse are a rare breed - there aren't many horse-racing syndicates where the biggest problem is how to divide the spoils.Black Caviar co-owners Colin and Jannene Madden, from Victoria, kiss the winning cup after the super horse won the Group One BTC Cup at Doomben.

Jerad Williams

THERE aren’t many horse-racing syndicates where the biggest problem is how to divide the spoils.

But that’s the case for the owners of the world’s top racehorse, Black Caviar, who won her 13th race from 13 starts in Brisbane on Saturday in front of 20,000 punters who flocked to Doomben to watch the horse with the rock star-status run.

Co-owners Colin and Jannene Madden were in Byron Bay yesterday, with the actual BTC Cup they won on Saturday, lunching with friends at the Byron at Byron restaurant on their way home to Melbourne.

“There are five families in the syndicate and we all take turns at the trophies and make full replicas for all,” Mr Madden said.

“We want everyone to share the fun; it’s not about the money.

“That’s why we’re here to have lunch with Ross and Jenny (Burgess).”

Ross Burgess, from Lennox Head, admitted he and wife Jenny knew nothing of horse racing, and when his childhood mate called him up to “come watch our horse run”, he thought it would be just a nice Saturday’s outing.

“I didn’t realise what a big deal it was until a bookmaker told me she had been voted the international horse of the year,” Mr Burgess said with a laugh.

Ironically, Mr Madden said the syndicate was never about winning but was formed to support co-owner Neil Werrett after he lost his wife.

“It was so we could have something to laugh about rather than cry about, and to my amazement we got our money back,” he said.

Even more amazingly, the syndicate’s second venture, Black Caviar, has now won nearly $3.5 million – a 16-fold return for the owners’ original $200,000 investment.

Mr Madden rejects out-of-hand comparisons with Australia’s greatest racehorse, Phar Lap, calling it unfair.

“There is only one Phar Lap, even though (Black Caviar) is getting close on one point of measurement – Phar Lap won 14 consecutive races,” Mr Madden said.

Mr Madden credits the team for much of their success, particularly trainer Peter Moody.

“He is a knockabout kind of a guy and a great horseman. He selected her and trained her with incredible patience, because big horses can hurt themselves.

“And Luke Nolen is an extraordinary jockey, the way he paced her on Saturday … it’s a great team and we just tag along,” he said.

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