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My name is Brian Donohoe:Being a part-owner and shareholder in the stallion Bel Esprit, I compile stories and statistics of his performance as a sire hoping that breeders, owners, trainers and interested readers can get some of the enjoyment that I have had since he first raced in 2001. and my profile is PROFILE – BRIAN DONOHOE


Posted October 5, 2009 by belesprit09

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  1. The Bel Esprit Story

  2. Keep up the great work Brian, i get great enjoyment out of this website!

  3. Yes i do. no not yet but i have got it. good to see you and Loraine at the footy and dinner! Go the GWS Giants!

    Jessica Sheedy
  4. Sensational site and thank you Brian for your diligence and hard work
    makes my own a whole lote easier
    Many thanks and Kind regards

  5. Thanks john, I would love to receive any stories on Bel Esprits and any good website from Countries up there
    I never get stories from Malaysia or Manila

  6. Hi John, I am the syndication coordinator for DMR and part owner of Revitalise. Your story about his win at Eagle Farm is terrific thank you. I also run David Murphy Racing’s web site and was hoping for your permission to publish your story on our site.

    • Good to talk to you , anything on my website is available to anyone.
      I will put the race replay on the site for you
      There are another 3 stories on Revitalise on the site, just put the horse’s name in search and up they come
      Regards Brian

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  8. Brian good to catch up. Check out wednesday whinge for all QLD news.

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