Change of guard at helm of Australian Trainers’ Association as John Alducci stands down   Leave a comment

Change of guard at helm of Australian Trainers’ Association as John Alducci stands down

July 21, 2015 – 5:43PM

Australian Trainers’ Association chief executive John Alducci has decided to stand down after 21 years of service at the helm of arguably one of the most demanding posts in racing administration.

Alducci has led the way in a number of breakthroughs with the federal body, however his work in the area of credit and unpaid fees is where he will be best remembered.

He will be replaced by Andrew Nicholl, a racing person who has not only raced horses but is an experienced businessman having performed senior corporate roles internationally for more than 35 years.

Alducci was the architect of an advanced credit system and that same model has now been adopted by the Australian Owners’ Association and Racing Australia.

“The scheme works with an owner submitting a credit card or debit card to the trainer’s office before he can have a horse trained,” Alducci said.

“It’s just a far better way to operate and if the money is not on the card when it is required, the owner will be given seven days to make up the shortfall, or the owner will be disallowed to race the horse.

“It’s been a tremendous problem for our members, having to carry huge debts and overdrafts for slow-paying owners. It’s the very big and the very small alike that have had to slave over mounting debt and at the same time train a team of racehorses and keep owners informed. In the past, they’ve gone to the stewards for help but, rightfully, their response has been ‘we’re not debt collectors’,” he said.

Alducci spent his first six years under the guidance of one of Australia’s finest horsemen, Bob Hoysted, who impressed on the young executive that horse trainers could be proud of their occupation and that they should not to be looked down upon “like second-class citizens”.

Alducci points out that, after discussions with Victorian president Robbie Griffiths, a better system could be put in place to have the association work more smoothly.

“We’ve made a new appointment and we’re very proud of that but we’re deeply indebted to John Alducci as he has been instrumental in orchestrating the change.”

Fortunately, John will be staying on with us as the strategy manager who will oversee the delivery of major industry projects including the new security of payment model, He’s got 31 years of valuable experience and that keeps us strong,” Griffiths said.

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