Black Caviar trainer Peter Moody considers future as massive legal fees loom over dope charges   Leave a comment

Black Caviar trainer Peter Moody considers future as massive legal fees loom over dope charges

Peter Moody charged

Peter Moody charged

CHAMPION trainer Peter Moody faces an impossible dilemma that could see him walk away from horse racing or risk being ruined by legal fees trying to fight doping charges.

The four-time Melbourne premiership winner, trainer of the legendary Black Caviar, will consult his family before deciding whether to fight for his career and reputation.

Racing Victoria on Friday charged him with administration of a prohibited substance.

Moody told the Herald Sun he had expected to be charged with presentation of a prohibited substance, regarding Lidari’s positive drug test to cobalt, but not administration.

“To be charged with administration is extremely disappointing,’’ a devastated Moody said.

“Presentation, of course — because there is no doubt that, for whatever reason, I can’t explain how the horse tested over the threshold. But administration is very disappointing, and now it’s in the hands of the lawyers.’’

Peter Moody with the legendary Black Caviar. Pic Darren England.

Peter Moody with the legendary Black Caviar. Pic Darren England.

Moody’s biggest owners say they will not prematurely abandon him.


Sources close to Moody say he faces an “impossible’’ dilemma: legal fees in fighting the charges could ruin him; not fighting them would “make the world think he’d cheated’’.

If found guilty of administering illegal levels of cobalt to Lidari before it ran second in the Turnbull Stakes at Flemington last spring, Moody would face up to three years’ disqualification, which would almost certainly prompt him to walk away from the sport.

He and fellow trainers Mark Kavanagh, Danny O’Brien, and Lee and Shannon Hope would face a far lesser penalty, maybe even a fine, if found guilty of presentation.



It is likely the others’ cases will be heard by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board before Moody’s.

Racing Victoria chairman David Moodie, who races dozens of horses with Moody, was “very comfortable’’ he faced no conflict of interest, a view supported by RV’s integrity team.

“There is presumed innocence in all such cases, and Peter must now face an inquiry,’’ Moodie said.

Simon O’Donnell, whose OTI syndicate races Lidari, said it “would let the process run its course’’ before deciding on a future relationship.

“There are obviously very serious charges,” he said.

Moody captured the nation’s imagination with his star mare, Black Caviar.

Moody captured the nation’s imagination with his star mare, Black Caviar.

“We just have to sit back and see what happens.’’

RV chief steward Terry Bailey, who with colleague Dion Villella visited Moody at his Caulfield stables early Friday to tell him he faced three charges relating to Lidari’s positive cobalt test, said Moody accepted the charges “in a professional manner’’.

He said Moody’s explanation for the illegal level was tested by stewards and didn’t “explain those levels’’.

“He was using a powder that contained some cobalt for treatment for a horse’s hoofs. That trial test has been done, and those results don’t explain these levels,” he said.

Bailey said he believed there were only two possible explanations for illegal cobalt levels: “Either they’ve received large doses prior to raceway or received raceway treatment.”

He said he did not know when a directions hearing in the case would take place.



A heavy metal salt, essential in the body to make red blood cells.

Present in all animals, but at very low trace levels.


APRIL 14, 2014

Cobalt threshold of 200 micrograms/litre of urine introduced in Victoria.

DECEMBER 5, 2014

Trainers Lee and Shannon Hope told by stewards they have cobalt positive swabs from two horses. Then a third on January 8.

DECEMBER 17, 2014

An Australia-wide 200 microgram threshold is introduced by the Australian Racing Board, in keeping with Victoria. Rule comes into effect January 1, 2015.

JANUARY 13, 2015

Peter Moody confirms Lidari returned illegal cobalt levels from his second placing in the Turnbull Stakes at Flemington the previous spring. The next day Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien reveal they also have illegal readings.

JANUARY 30, 2015

It is revealed there are nine retrospective cobalt positives in Queensland.

MARCH 10, 2015

Mark Kavanagh’s son, Sam, told by stewards MidSummer Sun tested positive to cobalt and caffeine.

JUNE 2, 2015

In Queensland, trainer Glen Baker handed a two-year disqualification over a cobalt positive.

JUNE 11, 2015

O’Brien, Mark Kavanagh and Flemington Equine head vet Tom Brennan issued with a total of 29 cobalt charges.

JULY 10, 2015

Peter Moody issued with three cobalt charges.


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