Trainer Bryce Stanaway may be banned from Pakenham after blow up over sandwiches   Leave a comment

Trainer Bryce Stanaway may be banned from Pakenham after blow up over sandwiches

But Stanaway said any suggestion that he had been aggressive over the sandwich shortage was a “complete lie”.

Trainer Bryce Stanaway with horse Crafty Cruiser.

Trainer Bryce Stanaway with horse Crafty Cruiser. Source: News Corp Australia

TORQUAY trainer Bryce Stanaway has been accused of intimidating staff and might be blocked from having future runners at the Pakenham course after his blow up over sandwiches on Sunday.

Stanaway scratched three runners and claimed poor treatment of trainers after he was unable to get a sandwich at the course.

Pakenham Racing Club chief executive Michael Hodge said Bryce Stanaway directed “an aggressive tirade of criticism” at catering staff in the trainers room and that the behaviour “would not be tolerated by the club”.

He said the issue was not about a lack of sandwiches but the way trainers were being treated at the course.

He claims Hodge “went off his head” after he “politely and calmly” suggested to him that trainers should be afforded the same catering conditions as jockeys, “who were treated like kings”.

Stanaway claims Hodge then told him twice to take his horses home, so he did — scratching Entirely Perfect and Trindinian in race eight and Travelling Wilbury in race nine.

He said he had the full backing of his owners, but expected to be penalised by stewards.

“One bloke texted me this morning saying the owners would pack me a lunch next time I go to the races,” he said.

“If Racing Victoria can’t look after their trainers, well the owners are going to have to start. They understand how hard I work.”

Racing Victoria chief steward Terry Bailey called the incident an embarrassment to the industry and they would review the evidence before deciding on taking further action. Stanaway could face a fine or charges.

“We can’t have a situation where trainers decide something doesn’t suit them and they take horses home,” Bailey said.

He said there was an obligation to the betting public for the horses to run because they had been accepted for and engaged to compete.

Hodge said young, unsuspecting staff had been intimidated and the key issue for the Pakenham Racing Club was behavioural standards in the workplace.

“In respect to going forward, the club will participate in the (stewards’) inquiry in good faith and consider the options available to the club,” he said.

One of those options would be to refuse any future race nominations from the Stanaway stable.

But Stanaway said he would not be going back.

“I wouldn’t go back on principle, I’m not going to be insulted by a bloke like that,” he said.

Originally published as Sandwichgate dispute heats up


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