Drug information website to help prevent future cobalt catastrophes   Leave a comment

Drug information website to help prevent future cobalt catastrophes

NSW Trainers Association to launch drug information website.

NSW Trainers Association to launch drug information website. Source: News Corp Australia

THE NSW Trainers Association says a website where trainers can check substances could help prevent future cobalt catastrophes.

The cobalt web widened even further over the weekend when it was revealed the Kevin Moses-trained Felix Bay returned a positive cobalt reading when it raced at Hawkesbury on April 16.

Moses joined Sam Kavanagh as the only two trainers to have breached the cobalt threshold since it was introduced on January 1.

More trainers in NSW have been notified about returning positive cobalt readings but their names have not been released.

One of the trainers, prior to being informed of a positive reading, said he was dripping cobalt into his horses the day after they raced to aid their recovery, adding he noticed they were also able to train harder.

He said while he knew there was some sort of advantage being gained from cobalt use, he assumed stewards would alert him that “we know you’ve been using cobalt, we’re about to introduce a threshold for it and if you want to maintain your licence we suggest you stop”.

The trainer said there should be a similar warning to when TC02 levels in horses are elevated, whereby there’s an acknowledgment from the stewards that you haven’t actually broken a rule.

This trainer said he never deemed what he was doing as cheating. His cobalt readings were at the low end of breaking the threshold but declared, “given the range of results we’re seeing, I think it’s safe to say different people were using it with different intentions”.

The NSW Trainers Association recognises this and suggested a website could help prevent further drug scandals.

“There needs to be an easy to access, easy to read, easy to understand system created where Trainers can go to find whatever information they need about various drugs, supplements and treatments,” Steve McMahon from the Trainers Association said.

“Trainers are under immense pressure to perform and also time restricted. I believe there are trainers out there that have breached rules without knowing it.

“At the moment, whilst some of the information appears in the Racing NSW magazine, websites and emails from the NSWTA, it’s often difficult to navigate.

“We’d like to see better education and communication with trainers when it comes to news about new and existing drug rules or products on the market. “

McMahon said the racing industry needed a website similar to that of ASADA, where individuals can check for legal and prohibited substances.

“I’ve had bush trainers ringing up asking about certain drugs and their legality. We’re hearing of trainers saying they were unsure of what was in this or that,” McMahon said.

“If we fund a website that has every piece of information on it then it’s very difficult for someone to argue lack of knowledge.”


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