Rising star: Winona Costin.Rising star: Winona Costin. Photo: Anthony Johnson

The first weekend of bumbling and fumbling with TV remotes gave a tiny glimpse into the brave new world of Victorian racing, but how many of those who have kept the code above flat-lining will be there to see it?

Anecdotal evidence suggested many punters in this part of the world, if not already disenfranchised, quickly lost patience with the afternoon hopscotch for the two main meetings of the day between Sky Thoroughbred Central (Rosehill) and Channel 78 (Flemington), soft launched last Friday as the new home of Victorian racing. And that’s just the ones in the city. There will surely be many other similarly maddening tales.

Seven West Media’s free-to-air commitment to racing is admirable. As is Racing Victoria’s wish – however misguided some think it may be – to take racing to the “future”.