For the first time in Victorian racing history a horse has returned a positive swab to methamphetamine, better known as the growing scourge of Ice.

Racing Victoria chief steward Terry Bailey confirmed to Fairfax Media on Monday that the analyst had discovered a positive to Ice. Mornington trainer Matt Laurie’s galloper Shockaholic was found to contain the substance.

Stewards confirmed that the discovery of Ice was the first time in Victoria that the drug had been discovered but it has been a growing trend throughout Australia.

Shockaholic gave a post-race urine sample after winning a two-year-old maiden at Echuca in late April.

It was reported that the sample contained methamphetamine (a stimulant) which is a prohibited substance in accordance with the Australian rules of racing.

While Bailey said the case was an ongoing investigation, he confirmed that stewards had requested urine samples from Laurie and current as well as former staff members.

Bailey said that stewards had informed Laurie at the end of May of the finding but they had not set a date for the continuation of the inquiry.

He also said that the Peter Moody case involving his irregularity for cobalt was also an ongoing investigation.

Just a week ago stewards issued 49 charges against four trainers and a veterinary surgeon following positives to the outlawed substance.

There has also been no date set for a directions hearing which will determine whether the charges against Mark Kavanagh, Danny O’Brien, Lee and Shannon Hope as well as veterinary surgeon Dr Tom Brennan will be heard.