Racing Victoria keen to see racing vision back in pubs as soon as possible   Leave a comment

Racing Victoria keen to see racing vision back in pubs as soon as possible

Tabcorp are continuing their blackout policy imposed last week after learning that RVL’s preferred media provider for Victorian racing would be Seven West Media.

Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry.

Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry. Source: Supplied

A resolution with wagering giant Tabcorp is Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry’s main priority this week.

Saundry said he wanted to negotiate the right commercial outcome in order to reinstate Victorian racing on to Sky Racing 1 and Sky Racing 2 channels to show in pubs and clubs as soon as possible.

The Australian Hotels Association has called on Sky to reintroduce vision of Victorian racing immediately.

AHA spokesman Stephen Ferguson said neither racing or the hotels could afford to lose customers.

“It is frustrating that in the chase for new customers, racing’s traditional and loyal pub tab customers are the people that suffer the most,” Ferguson said.

Saundry and RV got full agreement from all clubs on Sunday to commit to its plan to broadcast racing on Channel Seven.

Seven West Media want to retransmit the vision being shown on digital platforms immediately but are still working through some technical issues. They should solve them later in the week.

Saundry and RVL chairman David Moodie spoke with Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough on Sunday and the two parties again had discussions yesterday afternoon.

“We’re now re-engaging with Tabcorp to get the vision back into the pubs and clubs and homes. If we could do this then that would complete the package,” Saundry said on RSN yesterday.

“I want to see and so does the RVL Board, more people betting with Tabcorp and we believe this free-to-air platform will eventually deliver that.

“More people betting on racing through the joint-venture (with Tabcorp) is good for the three codes of racing in this state and I’m absolutely committed to that,” he said.

Saundry said RVL had a commitment to growing the Joint Venture partnership with Tabcorp.

Last week RVL said turnover dropped 2.7 per cent last Tuesday and 6 per cent last Wednesday on comparative meetings.

A Tabcorp spokesman said yesterday they couldn’t show Victorian races on Sky Racing 1 and Sky Racing 2 as they didn’t have an agreement to do so and wouldn’t until they did.

Tabcorp wants to resolve issues around the value of the Victorian racing pictures, which they said had been greatly diminished since their new arrangement with Seven.

Also as pubs and clubs will be able to take the Seven West feed for nothing, they believe it will diminish the value of what Sky is showing into these premises.

Tabcorp also pointed out that Racing Victoria will pay Seven West Media to show its product while they are expected to pay RV for the privilege.

Seven West Media will launch a new product on August 29 on 78 but before then plan to show the digital feed being produced by Racing Victoria on that station as an interim measure.

Racing Victoria are confident this vision will be shown this week and are hoping Channel 78 will be able to show tomorrow’s Sale meeting.

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