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Kavanagh slams RV investigation

Mark Kavanagh

Mark Kavanagh

Embattled trainer Mark Kavanagh has launched another ferocious attack on Racing Victoria’s cobalt investigation.

Kavanagh, speaking on RSN’s Winners program on Thursday morning, didn’t pull any punches in the extraordinary outburst, claiming advice which precipitated the fallout in the scandal which has engulfed some of Victoria’s biggest trainers, had been ignored.

Racing.com has chosen not to republish some of those comments for legal reasons.

The Melbourne Cup-winning trainer is part of a group of trainers – including Peter Moody, Danny O’Brien as well as Lee and Shannon Hope – embroiled in the cobalt saga.

All of the stables have at least one runner returning a swab above the legal cobalt threshold, which was introduced in Victoria in April 2014.

Kavanagh is adamant he’s done nothing wrong and is believes the positive test results come from vitamin supplements.

The Flemington trainer claimed RV’s integrity team knew that positive cobalt tests could come from legal injectable supplements and is furious that trainers weren’t informed earlier.

“The way they’ve handled this is not the best way, in my opinion,” Kavanagh said.

“If you’re not given the warnings and there is no way to measure the cobalt that is in these vitamins… how do you know that you’ve even got it?

“They just pulled the trigger too early here.”

Kavanagh claims all ‘good’ trainers use supplements, saying it would be ‘irresponsible’ for him to send a horse to the races that wasn’t in top health.

“These Hemo-15’s, B12’s and multivitamins are standard practice from a good trainer – they put them in to make their horses perform,” he said.

“We’re racing for the best prizemoney in the world during the spring carnival, you’ve got to have every precaution taken.

“It would’ve been a lot easier and a lot better for the industry if the warnings had been put in place before that.”

Kavanagh, who says he has only been interviewed once by stewards and has otherwise been left in the dark about the status of the investigation, reckons millions of dollars have been wasted by the saga.

“The amount of money this has cost the industry, just in this investigation which could totally be averted, if they gave the warnings beforehand,” he said.

“It’s just wasted millions of dollars to the industry – in the cost of the investigation and the cost of turnover and trainers’ businesses.”

This isn’t the first time the outspoken Kavanagh has had a crack at RV’s handling of the situation, having also unleashed about it on radio last Saturday.

RV declined to offer any further comment on Kavanagh’s outburst..

“We will not be commenting on the statements made by Mr Kavanagh,” a RV spokesman said.

“As stated previously our four parallel Cobalt investigations are on-going and we do not intend to provide a running commentary on them.”


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