Why we should move Easter

Everyone was disappointed at losing Saturday’s Doncaster meeting. The trouble is that autumn in Sydney is a rainy season. Of the past 78 years (records I’m using started in 1937), only 13 have had no rain in the week before Easter. The average is a soaking 34mls (the median is 10mls). Last week, Randwick had 43mls over the corresponding period.

It would be regarded as a stale and stupid April Fool’s joke to propose the VRC move its Melbourne carnival to the autumn and our Doncaster/Sydney Cup to the spring. But the opposite weather patterns of both cities show it is an obvious move. Melbourne is dry in autumn and often wet in spring. We are the reverse.

I well remember Easter 1978 – Randwick had 293mls in the few days before and I, as a young bookie, made the mistake of thinking the top-class mare, Maybe Mahal, had too much weight with 57kg with a 45½ limit in the conditions and lost my money, not for the last time!