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Story By Rob Burnet- Thoroughbrednews
Tuesday, 21 August 2012: Caulfield trainer Peter Moody will give the champion mare Black Caviar a month in his stables over the coming weeks to see if the now six-year-old Bel Esprit mare still has enthusiasm for racing.

Black Caviar winning Diamond Jubilee
Black Caviar winning Diamond Jubilee
Photo by Racing and Sports

Black Caviar  is spelling after being released from the Werribee quarantine centre after her trip back from the Royal Ascot campaign and her win in the Group 1 Diamond Jubilee Stakes over 1200m up the Ascot straight spring course on June 23rd.

The mare came out of the race with injures but Moody reports that after the time taken to return, the period in quarantine in both hemispheres and spelling, that she is looking refreshed and full of energy.

Moody now plans to send Black Caviar back to Caulfield to resume light work to see if she retains a will to race on in an autumn campaign.

“I will probably give her a month’s work in September, a little bit of trot and canter, probably a little bit of water walker and I just want to see what her attitude is like, just her general demeanour and attitude toward it and to see if she still wants to be there,” said Moody on Sky Sports Radio.

“I will then pass that onto the owners. Late September is the cut off point for the breeding season, but I will just get a general guide to her attitude and if she still wants to be around the place. 

“I reckon that will tell me more than anything relating to either injuries or anything. Her attitude will tell me if she still wants to be there and that is what I will go to the owners with,” he said.

Moody revealed that he has already suggested to the ownership group that Black Caviar might have run her last race.

“The day after the (Ascot) race I actually contacted the owners and suggested that I think we have probably come to the end of it,” he said.

“But the way she did in quarantine and the way she has done since she has come out of quarantine has really surprised me. She has an unbelievable attitude towards it and I have seen her bucking and playing in the paddock in the last ten odd days and really feeling herself.

“It is the first time she has not had shoes on for three years and it is the longest break she has had in about three years outside of injury enforced and she has really enjoyed it. That is good and bad for a horse of her physical bulk because she can get too big and heavy. But we have kept an eye on that.

“Like I say, it will all just come down to her attitude. If she wants to be there we will look at giving her an autumn campaign, but if in the next four or five weeks I see in anyway shape or form that she does not want to be there, I will suggest that to the owners and we will not hesitate to send her to the breeding barn,” he said.

Black Caviar has the perfect record of 22 starts and 22 wins with stakes of $5.7 million.


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