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Forthcoming starts for Bel Esprit horses

Canberra RC
3:25pm Race 6 Kamberra Wine Company Maiden P., A$13000 1080m
She’s Belleistic (AUS) 2009 (F. by Bel Esprit-South Terrace)
Geelong RC
1:30pm Race 4 LMI Group Maiden P., A$17500 1300m
Alfred’s Gift (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Days of Delight)
12:55pm Race 3 Impact Chapman Welsh Insurance Maiden P., A$17500 1100m
Esprit Warrior (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Furama Nights)
3:15pm Race 7 National Transport Insurance H., A$17185 1000m
Anquetil (AUS) 2005 (G. by Bel Esprit-Natural Jackie)
Undercurrent (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Rivers Secret)
3:55pm Race 8 Jai Roderick Memorial H., A$30000 1900m
No Manners (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Dandify)
Taree-Wingham RC
2:23pm Race 4 Bushland Tavern P., A$15000 1600m
Java Spirit (AUS) 2006 (F. by Bel Esprit-Java Siang)

Darwin TC
5:57pm Race 5 Palmerston & Karama Centre H., A$11400 1000m
Bel Shandy (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Mrs. Bently)
12:25pm Race 1 Fly Scoot Save Loot Maiden P., A$10000 1200m
River Spirit (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-River Fairy)
4:40pm Race 8 Winslow Constructors P., A$80000 1600m
Oregon Spirit (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Oregon Seal)
Narrandera RC
2:47pm Race 4 Corovo Furniture H., A$6500 1200m
Esprit Citi (AUS) 2005 (F. by Bel Esprit-Citi Winner)
3:23pm Race 5 Centrebet H., A$33600 1200m
Belle of the Court (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Miss Lenglen)
4:00pm Race 6 One Solution Mobile & Data H., A$33600 1100m
Belfast Boy (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Fast Dolly)
4:40pm Race 7 Dominant H., A$40000 1600m
Oregon Spirit (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Oregon Seal)
Tatura RC
1:17pm Race 4 Shepparton Club Maiden P., A$15000 1400m
Beleven (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Punched)
11:36am Race 1 PFG in Action Maiden P., A$15000 1100m
Tap Onthe Shoulder (AUS) 2007 (F. by Bel Esprit-Morning Session)
2:27pm Race 6 Peppermill Inn Hotel Motel Maiden P., A$15000 1980m
Belmorri (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Morrigan Clare)
Warwick TC
1:17pm Race 1 Membership Renewal Maiden P., A$6000 800m
Malibu Belle (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Partywave)

Bendigo JC
12:20pm Race 1 Window Furnishings Maiden P., A$17500 1000m
Radium (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Caliente Queen)
2:09pm Race 4 Centrebet Maiden P., A$17500 1600m
Tinderbel (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Flint)
3:58pm Race 7 McCaig Airconditioning H., A$30000 1100m
Wabash River (AUS) 2007 (F. by Bel Esprit-White River)
Bel Rhythm (AUS) 2007 (C. by Bel Esprit-Latin Rhythm)
4:33pm Race 8 Advertiser H., A$17500 1400m
Billy Esprit (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Julianne)
Narromine TC
2:17pm Race 4 Mid-State Merino Breeders H., A$15000 1300m
Esprit Lad (AUS) 2004 (G. by Bel Esprit-Lady Marple)
11:40am Race 1 Become a Member Maiden P., A$12500 1200m
Izza Belle (AUS) 2009 (F. by Bel Esprit-Zeinab)

Echuca RC
11:20am Race 1 Border Inn Maiden P., A$15000 1212m
Musician (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Alice in Toyland)
4:00pm Race 9 Betfair H., A$15000 1624m
Work the Line (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-My Sweet Pamela)
Goulburn DRC
1:58pm Race 3 Kayla Nisbet Apprentice of the Year H., A$15000 1000m
Lock Stock (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Serious Drink)
3:08pm Race 5 Girls Day Out Maiden P., A$15000 1200m
Lock Stock (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Serious Drink)





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