Nsw introduces tough legislation aimed at stamping out race fixing   Leave a comment

Nsw introduces tough legislation aimed at stamping out race fixing

Peter V'Landys

Racing NSW CEO Peter V’Landys. Picture: Cameron RichardsonSource: The Daily Telegraph

ANY person found guilty of fixing races could face up to 10 years in jail under new legislation designed to protect the integrity of the sport.

NSW is the first racing jurisdiction in the nation to introduce the stiff new penalties but other state and territory racing industries are also preparing to introduce similar legislation.

The possibility that race fixers could face lengthy imprisonment if found guilty of manipulating race results comes after last week’s revelation that Victoria police are investigating allegations of an “organised crime network and high level corruption” in Victorian racing. The result of at least one race at Cranbourne last year is under suspicion as part of an ongoing police inquiry.

“Quite simply, cheating at any level undermines public confidence,” Souris said.

“The NSW government and the racing industry is absolutely committed to making certain the reputation of sport and racing in this state remains intact.”

Minister for Sport and Recreation Graham Annesley said yesterday the reforms soon to be introduced into parliament will send a clear message.

“There is no bigger threat to the integrity of sport than match-fixing and this legislation will ensure anyone involved in the industry is sent a very strong message about the risks and consequences,” Annesley said.

The proposed Crimes Amendment (Cheating at Gambling) Bill 2012 will set a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment for anyone found to have engaged in or facilitated conduct that corrupts the outcome of a race.

Racing NSW chief executive Peter V’landys said the possibility of lengthy jail terms should act as a “strong deterrent”.

“The integrity of racing is absolutely paramount,” he said. “This legislation will be protection for ‘mum and dad’ punters against that unsavoury element that always wants an unfair advantage over everyone else.


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