Mr V’landys added that public confidence in the integrity of the industry was vital   Leave a comment

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Victorian Thoroughbred Racing Industry – Police Investigation

Racing NSW NewsRacing NSW has been keeping a close watch on developments in the Police investigation surrounding allegations against certain persons involved in the Victorian Thoroughbred Racing Industry.

Racing NSW Chief Executive, Peter V’landys, said that no information had been brought to the attention of NSW authorities which would suggest that the matters under investigation involved the conduct of thoroughbred racing in New South Wales.

“Nevertheless we will keep a close watching brief on developments as they occur in Victoria,” he said.

“Racing New South Wales prides itself on the integrity of racing in this State and remains ever-vigilant to ensure that appropriate processes and structures are in place to detect and deter wrong-doings as are alleged to have occurred in Victoria.

“We have always sought to cooperate fully with the NSW Police to prevent the infiltration of the industry by the criminal element.”

Mr V’landys added that public confidence in the integrity of the industry was vital to its continued financial viability and as thoroughbred racing and the wagering associated with it was conducted on a national level, any adverse findings in Victoria could have ramifications throughout the country.

“It would be unfortunate if the many thousands of hard working and honest participants in New South Wales were affected by any fall-out from the Victorian police investigation and for that reason alone I would hope that the matter is finalised as a matter of expediency.

“We are also very appreciative of the O’Farrell NSW Government for being the first State in Australia to introduce legislation to combat illegal activity in sport and racing.

“Under the proposed legislation, a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment would apply to any one who intentionally fixes or influence the outcome of a sporting event for financial benefit, including wagering operators, officials, players and jockeys.”


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