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Forthcoming starts for Bel Esprit horses

Geelong RC
3:40pm Race 7 Schweppes H., A$17500 1200m
Belahina (AUS) 2005 (F. by Bel Esprit-Pukahina)
Billy Esprit (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Julianne)
Ipswich TC
2:15pm Race 3 Jets Leagues Club Maiden H., A$10000 1350m
Cubic Inches (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Gazania)

3:20pm Race 6 McInnes Wilson H., A$45000 1110m
Bellantina (AUS) 2007 (F. by Bel Esprit-Laurentina)
Broome TC
3:44pm Race 5 Just Roofing Quality H., A$20000 1300m
Ibsen (AUS) 2004 (G. by Bel Esprit-Scandinavia)
Darwin TC
1:42pm Race 2 Rydges Airport Resort H., A$20250 1000m
Belcino (AUS) 2005 (G. by Bel Esprit-Ciento)
2:22pm Race 3 Top End Consulting H., A$20250 1100m
Cosmic Vision (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Cosmic Dust)
1:47pm Race 4 Student Guild H., A$10000 1400m
Miss Alliance (AUS) 2007 (F. by Bel Esprit-Cap Juluca)
Moe RC
1:27pm Race 3 Wolf Business Centre Maiden P., A$15000 1100m
Alfred’s Gift (AUS) 2008 (G. by Bel Esprit-Days of Delight)
12:40pm Race 2 Make-a-Wish Sprint H., A$80000 1200m
Rebel Truce (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Largo)
2:30pm Race 5 Belinda Jane Verco McLeod Mile H., A$99000 1600m
Oregon Spirit (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Oregon Seal)
3:50pm Race 7 William Martin Harvey Sprint H., A$80000 1000m
Undercurrent (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Rivers Secret)
3:10pm Race 6 Adelaide Galvanising H., A$34000 1000m
Globalwarmnsceptic (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Shirley’s Toy)

Gundagai-Adelong RC
2:35pm Race 4 Mark Hindmarsh Bricklaying Maiden P., A$15000 1000m
Lock Stock (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Serious Drink)
Seymour RC
1:05pm Race 2 Chapman Gardner Asbestos Removal Maiden P., A$17500 1109m
Molka Mist (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Just Canny)
Singapore TC
18:00 Race 11 Open Bmk 74, S$75000 1000m
Polar Esprit (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Polar Sky)
Peaceful Warrior (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Let’s Begin)

Darwin TC
3:30pm Race 6 Winning Edge Presentations H., A$30300 1100m
Bel Shandy (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Mrs. Bently)
Mildura RC
12:10pm Race 1 Trentham Estate Maiden P., A$15000 1000m
Craw Not Craw (AUS) 2007 (G. by Bel Esprit-Imbalance)
12:50pm Race 2 Belle Ez H., A$14190 1400m
Jimmy Shiraz (AUS) 2006 (G. by Bel Esprit-Robyn’s Furniture)
To be Honest (AUS) 2008 (F. by Bel Esprit-Miss Lardydar)
3:30pm Race 6 Betfair H., A$14730 1100m
New Avenue (AUS) 2005 (F. by Bel Esprit-Taj Lani)
Taree-Wingham RC
1:53pm Race 3 Eastern Commercial Lawyers Maiden P., A$15000 1414m
Java Spirit (AUS) 2006 (F. by Bel Esprit-Java Siang)





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