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Chris Munce

Muncey’s Mail

Well what a shock it was this morning to wake up to the news that Black Caviar will not contest the rich Spring Carnival in Melbourne.  Will we see her ever race again?  In my opinion we will not and she will be retired to stud without another start.
Only trainer Peter Moody and connections know the answer. But opting to miss her home town carnival and a likely trip to Hong Kong later in the year, is a solid pointer to what they have in mind.

I certainly hope we do see her race again, yet when all is said and done and as of tomorrow (August 1), she is a six-year-old mare.

She has nothing left to prove. Personally I would rather live with the tremendous memories of her amazing unbeaten career, rather than see her continue and be a chance of being betaen.

The return trip to England and the gut wrenching effort she put in has obviously taken a lot more out of her than Pete had hoped and wisely, he has pulled the pin on the spring.

No doubt there will be plenty of discussions about what the connections should or shouldn’t be doing with her.  But at the end of the day, her health and well being will be given priority, as it always has.


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