Bel Esprits in Inglis August Thoroughbred sale   Leave a comment

2012 August Thoroughbred Sale 
16, 17 August 2012
Oaklands Junction

Bel Esprit as Sire

4 results found. Click on a column title to toggle sorting

Lot Media Col Sex Name Sire Dam DOB Vendor
135 B. Filly Mythical Spirit Bel Esprit Sirens Echo 26/08/05 Owners
226 B. Filly Tropical Spirit Bel Esprit Barrier Reef 06/10/09 Wadham Park, Tylden
260 B. Gelding Gold Rises Bel Esprit Bardego 27/10/08 Grange Thoroughbreds, Arcadia
282 B. Gelding Beldarno Bel Esprit Penny Dane 21/10/07 Owners (To dissolve a partnership)



Posted July 23, 2012 by belesprit09 in Bel Esprit Sales

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