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Hay List stem cell procedure

Posted by the facebook Hay List:

Revolutionary $2000 stem-cell surgery could reignite my career! I have undergone a remarkable medical first in Australia for a racehorse, with fat sucked from my tail and injected into my injured knee. The liposuction procedure involves extracting dormant cells hidden in fat that can turn themselves into muscle and tendon to repair badly damaged body parts. These cells are injected into the affected area, and the rest of the cells are stored in a lab for future use if maintenance or repairs are required. The world-leading technology has been developed by Australian company Medivet, and its co-founder Garry Andrews confirmed details of the operation on me, which was performed last week while Black Caviar was in England claiming her 22nd consecutive victory. “We found a little pocket of fat in either side of his tail,” Andrews said. “We made a little incision and removed a little bit of fat. We then processed that fat and got millions of cells. We took that back the next day and injected either side of the knee with the stem cells to start helping him heal and grow back whatever is necessary in the knee. This is the first use of its kind in Australia. This miracle horse had colic, smashed his knee during the operation and has now had an operation to take bone out of that knee.” In three weeks, Medivet will do further liposuction on me which involves an incision a quarter of the size of a 5c coin to bank millions more cells. “I believe Hay List will come back fit and strong. We’re giving it the best technology in the world and giving it every possible chance.” Andrews proclaimed. Should everything be successful John has set a target of the Lightning Stakes at Flemington next year, but that’s probably not realistic. Maybe Brisbane in the winter is more realistic.

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